Day Two – Strawberry Balsamico Gin

Day Two – Fruity Gins. I’m down for dessert.

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Day Two – Strawberry Balsamico

Style: Fruit Gin/ Gin Liqueur

ABV: 46%

Notable Botanicals: Juniper, Strawberry, Black Pepper, and Aged Balsamic Vinegar

The Tasting Experience: 

Swirling denotes large legs, and a syrupy consistency. The colour, in stark contrast to the previous tasting, is a dark, rich and malted red. From looking at it, the spirit itself reminds me of a de-carbonated barley wine.

The aroma is ethanol forward, but gives way to a caramelized strawberry jam. There’s an earthiness from the barrels the balsamic vinegar was aged in. Takes me back to eating brown toast and strawberry jam as a kid (a favourite snack of mine at the time).

The flavour is hot from the ethanol, but also reminds me of fruit juice in it’s sweetness. Not a refined sugar, more like malted barley. The strawberry comes in, with the acidity, and a return to that strawberry toast I mentioned above. The vinegar itself doesn’t overwhelm with that vinegar sourness, but instead it just adds to the pleasant, fruity acidity. This doesn’t need ice, but definitely for those are experienced in tasting neat spirits. Great way to finish a meal. Think fruity and potent dessert wine.


What is the Fruit Gin category really?

Fruit Gin is another name for the gin liqueur category. These gins are characterized by sugar content, flavour, and different ABVs. It’s easy to get confused in the liqueur category when the ABV is 40% or higher, but remember Cointreau is 40% but is categorized as a liqueur. In the case of Fruit Gin, or Gin Liqueur, Gin is used as the base spirit. The original fruit gin is Sloe Gin. Sloe Gin is a red liqueur made with sloe fruit, a relative of plums. Fruit Gins have made a resurgence with the craft distilling craze, and with the latest Pink Gin trend. 

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