Day Three – 7 Continents Gin

Day Three – A gin featuring botanicals from each continent. Perfect for World Gin Day.

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Day Three – World Gin Day Gin – 7 Continents Gin

Style: Balanced/ New World

ABV: 46%

Notable Botanicals: Juniper, Coriander Seed, Angelica Root, Cinnamon, Lime Zest, and Antarctic sea salt

The Tasting Experience: 

Like a common gin the spirit appears crystal clear. Here there is no indication of any residual oils from the botanicals, until you swirl it. The legs of the spirit settle, but leave behind moisture that looks like condensation. Tasting this moisture clinging to the sides of the glass doesn’t bring any harshness of ethanol, or dryness of juniper.

The aroma brings forth less hints of juniper, but instead lime oils, coriander, and salt. It comes off almost savoury. While tasting the spirit it comes off light, clean, with a soft juniper backbone. Flavours of coriander and bitter lime zest are at the forefront. The coolness of the liquorice plays well with the warmth of the juniper, with the salt tying it all together. Having tasted fresh juniper, the finish completely reminds of that fresh berry flavour.

This 7 Continents Gin is a perfect example of a balanced approach to botanical selection. This Balanced Gin is also a style, but can sometimes overlap with London Dry or New World depending on the juniper notes. A balanced gin means choosing a number of different botanicals that hit a number of different flavour profiles: citrus, spice, herbal, earthy, fruity, etc. The concept behind this gin touches on all of these flavour notes. I would suggest this gin to help win over those less enthusiastic gin drinkers. This is my favourite one so far.


What is the New World Style?

New World Gin is a miscellaneous category. When I’ve taught impressionable, would-be bartenders about the basics of gin this category takes a few minutes to explain. This usually means a gin that focuses less on the punchiness and drying quality of juniper, and more on other botanicals. Several of the new and popular gins we know today fall into this category. Hendricks, Ungava Gin, Tanqueray 10, and Beefeater 24 are all great examples of current New World styles. 

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