Day Eight – Rhubarb Triangle Gin

Rhubarb and juniper? A common match when it comes to gin liqueurs from the U.K., perfect for warm weather.

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Day Eight – Rhubarb Triangle Gin 

Style: Fruit Gin/Gin Liqueur

ABV: 46%

Notable Botanicals: Juniper, Rhubarb

The Tasting Experience: 

The gin itself boasts a light pink colour. It’s likely this is natural colouring from the rhubarb. The legs are thick as they make their way down the sides of the glass. While swirling the gin, it’s obvious that it has a fuller body to it. I already know the Rhubarb Triangle Gin falls into the Gin Liqueur category, so that means an addition of sugar. 

The initial aroma, right away, reminds me of sweet rhubarb jam. The nose gives sugary pectin vibes, with sweet floral, fruity acid, and slight juniper notes. Already I picture this making a lovely patio spritz variation, with some fresh thyme or rosemary. 

One the palate the flavour is incredibly bright, light, and lots of rhubarb. The gin wasn’t as sweet as I was expecting for a liqueur, and the dryness from the juniper is still there. Lots of fresh lemon oils and pith, slight tart from the rhubarb, buttery, and sweet spices. The finish is where the fullness of ethanol comes through with the crisp juniper. 

What is the Rhubarb Triangle?

The Rhubarb Triangle is a specific region in West Yorkshire, England. This nine square mile area forms a triangle between Wakefield, Morley, and Rothwell. It’s famous for early-forced rhubarb. That Boutique-y Gin Company sourced the rhubarb for this liqueur specifically from the Rhubarb Triangle.  Rhubarb grows in wet and cold winters, and is naturally tart. 

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