Day Seven – Yuzu Gin

Day Seven – This is one of the gins I was really forward to, and it didn’t disappoint.

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Day Seven – Yuzu Gin

Style: London Dry/Citrus

ABV: 46%

Notable Botanicals: Yuzu, Juniper

The Tasting Experience: 

The gin expectly has a ton of residual oils clinging to the sides of the glass. The legs themselves are pretty thin. The liquid is incredibly clear, but I imagine that might change with the addition of some dilution or ice – as with the oil interacting with the water like with the Lemon Louche Decadence Gin.

The aroma is subtle with bitter citrus and pine from the juniper. The juniper itself is incredibly subtle. Not what I expected from a London Dry gin, the aroma overall comes off softer than that. It’s clean and fresh with slight floral notes. Overall not as fragrant as I was hoping for a Yuzu-flavoured spirit.

The taste itself is very bright with sweetness from the fruit. The spirit follows up with a strong juniper backbone, making it truer to the London Dry style. It has spicy notes of ginger and bitter lemon zest. The mouthfeel is still sweet on the finish with consistent lemon peel flavour. I initially thought the spirit would be more of a citrus gin, but the juniper reaffirmed my thoughts on that one. Dry and true.

What is Yuzu?

Yuzu is a citrus fruit that tastes closer to a lemon, but has found its own niche in cooking and beverages. The fruit is famously from Japan, and thought to be a cross between a Mandarin and papeda fruit. Yuzu is sought after for its incredibly aromatic peel. The peel is more often used in cooking for it’s bitter, citrus flavour rather than the flesh. The flesh is rather acidic, and boasts large seeds. The Yuzu fruit is often used in savoury cooking.

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